5 best multiplayer Android games

Over the last few years the Android has turned into one of the major gaming platform in the world. There are thousands of games on the Android Marketplace and more are being added all the time. The Android games collection is not only limited to single person but also includes a large variety of multiplayer games. A few of the best multiplayer games are:

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

This is one of the best first person shooter games on the Android. Developed by Gameloft Montreal it successfully imitates the gameplay of the Call of Duty series down to the virtual buttons and even an on screen control stick that is used for movement. The game also offers an extensive variety of options for players such as taking cover, reloading manually and throwing grenades at opponents. The multiplayer mode in Zero Hour allows up to 12 players in each game where players can form alliances against each other or fight as a single person campaign. All in all Zero Hour delivers an excellent gaming experience for fans of first person shooter games everywhere.

Raging Thunder 2

This racing game allows 4 players at a time to compete against each other on a track with an arcade like setting. However the game’s best features are that it is cross platform and the gameplay is overall smooth with only a few lags which is rare in a racing game. Like its Need for Speed counterpart the game also gives the player opportunities to brush up his or her skills with time trials and races against CPU controlled opponents. Overall the game is innovative and offers enjoyable racing for players.

Leviathan Warships

For players of strategy games this one is a catch. The game offers astoundingly good graphics and its multiplayer mode has cross platform capacity. The game basically consists of players creating and fighting with their warship fleets through strategy but in such a way that the player is not bored .However the game dose have some drawbacks especially with the controles. Despite this Leviathan Warships is one of the best strategy games in the Android collection.

Pocket Legends

This is one of the most critically acclaimed games on the Android platform and for good reason. The game offers good graphics and a multiplayer experience that few others have been able to rival. In the game players choose their own characters, develop and enhance their abilities through playing while traveling in a variety of dungeons. As well as that Pocket Legends offers extremely complex character customization and an awesome gameplay.This game will be especially fun for people who enjoy World of Warcraft.

Guerilla Bob

Guerilla Bob is one of the top first person shooter games on Android. The game shows good controls and an amazing action based gameplay that make it unique among others of the same category. The game’s basic plot is that Guerilla Bob and his associates takes on a massive number of zombies and destroy them with a bunch of really cool weapons. The game offers the players to fight together against the zombies in cooperative multiplayer. For fans of first person shooter this game is a must have.

In conclusion each gamer has his or her own preference but for those of you who like first person shooter Modern Combat 4:Zero Hour is the game for you while those who like strategy will have fun with Leviathan Warships.

About Author: This is a guest post written by Kuldeep, He is a blogger and writes about Android Updates, Rooting Tutorials, Android News on his Android Blog.

Image Source : GameRANX

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