6 Billion Apps and 400 Million devices scanned everyday says the new Android Security Report

Every since Google was pointed about Android’s Security Concerns, the search giant has been on the toes to bring action plans to ensure the security persists and releasing notes to help people and developers understand their steps ahead.  Google has released its second Android Security Annual Report, with impressive number and statistics. Few years ago, Google expanded the capabilities of Verify Apps to operate continuously rather than just working for apps which are installed. This helps to warn users to install apps outside the Google Play environment. The 49-page long reports has a lot of information regarding Google’s research but most importantly, Google is scanning around 6 billion android apps every day on 400 million devices. The report also mentioned that to add an additional security line, the android users with Chrome have Safe Browsing built-in to protect them from known unsafe sites.


Regarding the Potential Harmful Apps (PHAs), Google has reduced the probability of installing a PHA from Google Play, which is indeed a good sign. Within Google Play, install attempts of most categories of PHAs declined including:

  • Data Collection: decreased over 40% to 0.08% of installs
  • Spyware: decreased 60% to 0.02% of installs
  • Hostile Downloader: decreased 50% to 0.01% of installs

As per the official blog:

Overall, PHAs were installed on fewer than 0.15% of devices that only get apps from Google Play. About 0.5% of devices that install apps from both Play and other sources had a PHA installed during 2015, similar to the data in last year’s report.

The full report is interesting if you really want to read into the details. Hit the link below to read more.

Read Android Security Report

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