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Many of us ponder over a question “What did we do special in this week?” or “Have we made it large enough to call it a WEEK?”If the answer to either of the question above is NO and if you are a HARDCORE Android Fan ; then You gotta be at Androcid.
Androcid – India’s First Android Community Chat Blog and Dedicated Android Blog aims to connect android developer to a common epicenter to ensure knowledge sharing, android community growth and to set a android learning medium for freshers/college students/professionals. Androcid is a android community by SPM Softwares & Designers.

No blog can be termed complete without people like you. Every small step leads to larger leaps in future. So every wednesday we aim to connect with various android developers across the globe to have 1 hour session at Androcid Wall. Follow and like the page for bringing us closer to your heart.

So wondering how Facebook wall chat works? So here are the 3 major requirements 

  1. Account with Facebook ( which i am sure most of the users have )
  2. Set of questions to ask to the Guest Speaker in clear english text. Preferably avoid use of short codes :)
  3. Interest,Passion and love towards android

Ok, so do you have these 3 points covered up? If yes, the next section is all what’s required. If no, i would like to help you in case of any hurdles. Please contact me here.

  • There is an event page that gets created every week. The event page is only to track about the incoming entries to the chat session. However, kindly do not post anything on the event page. The Facebook wall chat of SPM androcid is conducted at Androcid Facebook Wall Page.
  • So ones you are at Androcid Wall Page, Post your question on Wall of androcid. The Guest Speaker will reply to your questions as a REPLY.
Androcid Facebook Wall Chat

Androcid Facebook Wall Chat

  • If suppose you have received and clarified all your doubts with previous question and wish to ask another question, use a FRESH wall post instead of continuing the previous thread. This will help Guest Speaker to reply to your question in more detail and specifically.
  • Give some time to Guest Speaker to type as he/she has only 1 hour to type with many other participants too.
  • Do THANK the speaker who spares the time from his/her busy schedule to chat with us :)

Some terms and condition to be followed during the chat :

  • Each question asked should be in accordance to the topic of the week.
  • Participants should use only proper language terms in the chat.
  • Pointing on Guest Speaker or abusing in any particular way SHALL NOT be tolerated and androcid will block the user and report to Facebook.
  • Participants are not allowed to use androcid wall chat as medium of advertisement.
  • Respect and Protect Identity of your and Other participants.

Seems like you have read all the details.But it doesn’t end here :

  • The guest speaker after the chat is entitled to choose the Androcid – Weekly Winner . The user whose question was LIKED the most, is the Weekly Winner and Winner is chosen by Guest Speaker.
  • The winner gets the prize delivered at the door step :) Please allow us 5-7 days for the delivery :)

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