ASUS Padfone – Together we rock

Just one week to go and there is a buzz already happening in the mobile/tablet sector. Android tablet trailblazers, Asus has decided to add to the frenzy today by giving the world a look at it’s forthcoming Padfone.

Catchy line as “Divided we stand, together we rock” is the catchy tagline chosen to emphasize the three piece combo of phone, tablet and docking station.Check the video in case you’ve missed it.

[youtube id="Lz9tHiQS2uk" width="600" height="350"]

Asus with arithmetic  “1 + 1 + 1 = Endless Possibilities” ; the Padfone is a 4.3″ Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone that docks into, and powers, a 10.1″ tablet.  Supported by  TF201 keyboard dock from the Transformer Prime, the whole specifications of this would be released only after MWC2012. But what was more exciting was to see the upgraded 4.0 version in this smartphone.

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