ANDROID FACEBOOK WALL CHAT 2 FEB 2012: Augmented Reality With Android

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input . Augmented Reality is considered as an extension of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is a virtual space where the player immerses himself into that exceed the bounds of physical reality. And as we speak, i would like to introduce our Guest speaker of the week, Mr.Lester Madden

Lester Madden

Lester Madden

Lester has over 15 years experience in developer relations gained predominantly with the worlds leading technology organisations. Lester possesses an excellent understanding of the mobile platform landscape, application stores, mobile technologies and the opportunities for mobile application developers, as well as strong business development and content acquisition skills. Lester has also worked at Symbian Software Limited, Nokia Devices R&D and Symbian Foundation, working with thousands of developers to help bring applications to market. In 2010 Augmented Planet Consulting was created to utilize over 15 years of industry experience helping developers and organizations use cutting edge technologies and bring new products/services to market.

In 2011, Lester authored Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones and is the founder of  Augmented Planet, the leading augmented reality blog. Lester has spent 10 years working at Microsoft UK in a range of roles from Developer Support to Product Evangelist. He left Microsoft in 2005 to join Skype to setup their developer community and spent 2 years there with the final year as a Platform Manager responsible for the extras manager which hosts the 3rd party downloads.

Professional Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones guides you through creating your own augmented reality apps for the iPhone, Android, Symbian, and bada platforms, featuring fully workable and downloadable source code. You will learn important techniques through hands-on applications, and you will build on those skills as the book progresses.

Professional Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones

Professional Augmented Reality Browsers for Smartphones

He was amongst the early skype team first with the responsibility of creating a developer relations program, enabling 3rd party developers to build applications for the Skype platform. He also held the responsibility of launching the Skype 3.0 extras platform to create a full route to market platform for partners to build and sell their applications on Skype. This was successfully launched with 30 launch titles, and achieved over 30 million downloads in 12 months.


1. Marketing product / services to the developer audience
2. Content acquisition for mobile applications stores
3. Augmented reality
4. Building Go to Market campaigns

Don’t miss this if you’re a ‘wanna be AR Expert’  :)   Join us at Androcid Wall from 9.00PM to  10.00 PM 2nd February 2012.

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