Did entire TV industry get pissed off with Google?

Yes, you are not reading anything wrong. The title clearly justifies the act by Google at an advertising conference. Speaking at the Advertising Week Europe festivalMatt Brittin, Google’s top-ranking European executive quoted that YouTube advertisements are effective to convert people as buyers. This clearly attacked the effectiveness of the TV ads. As per the reports analysing ad campaigns across eight countries showed 80% of cases YouTube ads were far more effective than TV ads in driving sales. This news was first released on theguardian.

Google-Matt- Brittin

As per the research made on 56 cases, advertisers should be allocating up to 6 times more of their budget to YouTube than they currently do. Lucien van der Hoeven, GM- EMEA at MarketShare, one of the companies hired by Google to conduct the analysis said:


“We found that while TV maintains a powerful impact in the digital age, digital video is under-invested in several categories we measured in the UK, France and Germany,”

..and then you know what must have followed.

Satish Patil

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