Google accused to misuse its immense search engine powers to generate financial benefits

Google was accused for abusing its dominance over the search engine market by the European Union regarding an illegal use of powers to favor its own comparison shopping service above rivals. EU started new investigation to its Android phone software and also sent a statement of objections to the search engine giant. The authorities will have a look at Google’s contracts with the device manufacturers to find out if the company was forcing them to use its own services. The company can also be fined if it is found guilty in blocking the makers to adopt modified Android versions or other related services. The company owns complete powers to optimize the search engine and obviously it can illegally opt to leave out some and you can’t run an online business if you cannot be found on the internet. EU lost all its patience over Google after unsatisfactory results given by critics against the firm even after considering settlement bids for three times.

However the company completely disagrees with all the allegations saying that it is not the whole sole online shopping king with companies like Amazon and EBay there are many huge competitors in the market and the firm plans to fight back against the EU statement of objections. Google has 10 weeks of time to respond to all the charges against it which can be done by seeking a closed hearing with regulators to put forward its points regarding the case. EU’s statements push the investigation into a completely new lookout as it says that the Search engine giant is breaking laws and demands Google to change its laws along with punishment of fine. The decision given by the authorities may bring changes in the ways search results have been so far thus affecting overall revenues generated by Google. The company can escape with all the fines by filing a settlement offer addressing the EU’s concerns.


The major concern for EU is that the company is modifying its search algorithms as per its shopping services in spite of working on quality results. EU has no plans to change the algorithms or screen designs but just wants that the users to be able to see the best shopping results. The case can point out flaws in many other services as the regulators are looking for Google’s search behaviors for services related to flights, travel and mapping also. The plans are to probe into other concerns regarding the Google search advertising although the restrictions on advertisers remain unaltered. EU is also looking at the legal terms associated with Google copying rivals web contents. The total contribution of the European market in the company’s revenue is 35% with a search market share of 90%.  EU took a U turn as previously it was seeking settlement which would have avoided all the investigation with minor changes to the search pages offered by Google. Negative feedbacks and huge criticism from French and German politicians made EU ditch an accord last year.

EU wants to end Google’s ability to manipulate the results for its own financial benefits and provide justice to the consumers and innovations. Regulators are also monitoring the Android software after complaints backed by Microsoft and Nokia. Google said that its partner agreements with the mobile manufacturers are voluntary and it’s not the only one to taste benefits and success with the help of Android but many others have been able to compete with innovations because of its presence.  EU has also registered complaints that Google threatened to block artist’s videos while have contact talks for streaming services.

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