Google Glass is making surprise comeback, only for the workplace

The most controversial product by Google, The Glass, might soon be relaunched as a new product, but exclusively to workspaces such as hospitals and factories. As per the reports by WSJ, this product, called the Enterprise Edition, is expected to be predecessor alike, but would sport bigger display, better battery life and a better processor. Like the previous edition, this Glass edition too, can be attached to different glasses. According to the reports, this edition is under testing and has been rolled out to few test users already. 



First introduced in 2013 under limited sales, the product received heavy critics due to it’s privacy concerns. Some of the restaurants followed “No Glass” policies too. But the new edition, since targeted as a workplace productivity tool, might just sideline the privacy concerns, which the previous edition faced. The new device is overseen by Google’s Nest division, run by Tony Fadell, is expected to arrive by fall. 


Nothing much is known thus far, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more. Stay Tuned! 

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