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I recall the days when i used to see pile of SMS books at book stores and various people buying the same. Earlier they were available in various tends like Love,Friendship, Shayari and many more. The expansions of WWW has really provided network to close on things very quickly by providing needful information just by a click-flick.

Daily SMS has been a trend and Jafda simplifies this medium by providing resourceful techniques to make your SMS sending more interesting. Jafda Sms application is the finest collection of 20,000+ sms templates which are well organized & presented in 60+ categories with a Unique Auto Sending Feature.

Androcid had an interview of the developer behind this scene Mr.Gopinath and this is what he had to say :

Tell us a little about your app.

Jafda is a sms collection with over 21,000+ messages and which will be automatically growing backed by our cloud server. Jafda has another unique feature for scheduling messages to send regularly from a category to a bunch of people. You can control when new messages will be downloaded in the app (on wifi or mobile only), whether message has to be sent on roaming also, whether notifications will be shown after sending a message. The apps has liking feature on a particular message which will be aggregated on our server and used in determining the order of the messages. If you want to edit a message for e.g: you want to add your signature, you can do it.

How did the idea for your app come about?

We just wanted to do something simple which will impact lot of people. Messaging is a basic need particularly in youth who keep sending forward messages to keep in touch with friends, family. We wanted to offer a wide collection of such messages. We went one step further. We wanted to allow user to schedule regular automatic scheduling of messaging from a category to a bunch of people on specified days. We wanted to increase the usability by providing more options in settings.

Tell us about the team and your background.

I am a individual developer working full time in a company and interested in doing Android. I spend my weekends exploring the gaps that can be filled by using Android. I have a friend who helps me out with the server side technology and he has also got a full-time job. We too hack together to make apps and we love to do it.


Briefly tell us the highlights of your app current offerings against those already present on android app and what one can look-out for in future.

As mentioned above, we are having a finest collection of messages for every occasion available there. We make sharing easier and one can share a message through messaging or Google+, twitter, barcode scanner, or with any other app which allows sharing. We offer a unique feature for scheduling auto-sending of messages from a category to a bunch of people. We offer great control to the user like on which network to download messages (wifi or mobile network), should the auto-sent messages be saved in outbox, should the auto-send messages be sent on roaming also?

How has been the traction so far?

We have got very low traction as of now and we are not happy with the kind of traction received so far. We have overall 44 user installs in these 21 days.

How did you cater the revenue model of your app to indian market?

We don’t have a concrete revenue model and we don’t have much expectations on revenue from that. However, we have integrated Admob and Inmobie ads into our app.

App market is growing in india, what is the core competition for your app in indian market?

Messaging apps like SMSLibrary and SMSCollection are direct competitors with us. But we distinguish ourselves by having a unique feature of auto-send and we provide user with great control in our settings.

Excited to use this app? You can download this app from Android App Market 

  • Chetan D

    Going to install now :)

  • Gopinath Prathapaneni

    Nice app.

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