Kudos Google, More than 5 million Cardboard viewers have been shipped till date

Google introduced Cardboard – a simple cardboard viewer that anyone can use to experience mobile virtual reality (VR), at the Google;s annual conference I/O 2014. Ever since then, Google has taken this product seriously considering the fact of it being so popular amongst the people. Google has posted it’s 19 month progress and below are the key highlights:

5-Million Fans onboard

Been a great journey for Google Cardboard and meeting the 5 million mark is phenomenal.


Into the app world

In just the past two months (October-December), users have launched into 10 million more immersive app experiences




Choice of 1,000+ cardboard apps on Google Play

Out of 1,000+ Cardboard apps on Google Play, some got ‘awesome’ credits while another “gave you goosebumps.”Chair in the room has been our team favorite.



350K+ hours on Youtube

According to Google, Cardboard users have spent more than 350K hours watching videos on VR.


750K VR photos captured

Google launched Cardboard Camera in December, and ever since then, users have captured more than 750K photos, letting you relive your favorite moments anytime, from anywhere.


Don’t miss the fun, Try Expeditions

Since it’s launch at Google I/O 2015, With Expeditions, students around the world have taken VR field trips to the White House, the Republic of Congo, and 150 other places around the globe.


Satish Patil

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