LG Watch Urbane launches with latest Android Wear

Put on a black tie with the urbane smart watch, it’s something u wish to go out in town with. Computerized wristwatch that runs mobile apps and supports portable media players are smart watches. These are also called as “Watch Phones”. Smart watch based on android application, released by Google and LG. The device was first launched on 25th July 2014 with a G-Watch. This week LG’s smart watch’s new edition Urbane launched latest android wear. It is an attempt to launch a sophisticated yet sleeker accessory in the market. Urbane will soon give its public appearance in South Korea, North America, Europe and Asian markets in this present week. The latest version of it will include hand drawn emojis and wifi connectivity.


LG-G Watch R smart watch came out last year was a round android watch with full circular display. Its earlier version was LG-G watch which had a rectangular display. Urbane smart watch is round with stainless steel body with a replaceable leather strap. It has a 1.3 inch OLED display with a microphone and runs similar apps to that of smart phones. OLED organic light emitting diode which is emissive electroluminescent film made of organic compound for emitting light in response to electric current. Organic semiconductors are present between two electrodes. Stainless steel round body of LG urbane is similar to G-Watch R but urbane comes with a better screen which makes touching and swiping easier. Watch is available in two color, silver and gold. It has a standard size of 22mm watch brand. Similar to LET urbane, few features makes a difference like; it owns a separate wallet system and operating system plus phone.

The smart watch carries 1.2 GHz snapdragon-400 processor with a heart rate monitor that is used during work outs. Heart rate monitors are a personalized monitoring gadget which enables to measure ones heart rate in real time. For example; during workouts or exercise the wrist receiver the chest strap transmitter counts the heart beats. The microprocessor analyzes EKG signal that determines the heart- rate. The watch also contains a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure and the android wear standards with 4GB storage and 512 GB RAM. Watch runs on410 mAh battery with IP67 for water and dust resistance. IP67 water resistance does not allow it to toil during swimming or showering. It also supports on – board – GPS. It has a chargeable battery with pogo pins for charging and a magnetic doc.

Referring to its looks, the smart watch is sleek and stylish to wear and carry in any professional or personal events. The polish and finishing of the watch is similar to Asus Zen Watch. Asus Zen Watch, IP55 certification of water resistance, a modified version of android smart watches. The product is praised for its slim design, bright display and comfort on the wrist. The only drawback the gadget had been its low battery life.  LG urbane is claimed to be s slight different skin of LG-G smart watch. The price of the product is still unknown.

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