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Micromax Superfone A50 Ninja With AISHA Voice Assistance

With an aim to compete with Siri’s of the world, Micromax has announced its new Superfone A50 Ninja alongside a novel feature dubbed AISHA — which is short for Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant.The brand claims AISHA is an application that translates words into action. One can use this feature by merely talking to the phone. The users can connect with the people, businesses and activities that are important to them with AISHA if they need to check the weather conditions and for example all they just need to ask is ‘What is the weather in Delhi’ and AISHA will respond saying ‘The weather will be sunny.‘ It is bit obvious that, to achieve this, it will have to connect to a service and no wonder, It’s Google. To start using AISHA, an internet connection and a Google account is required. Once the internet connection has been configured on the phone, just tap on Aisha to bring up the Aisha interactive screen and you can start issuing voice commands

Much to our disappointment, however, the A50 Ninja runs a not-so-new flavor of Android. Gingerbread to be exact. Other specifications include an unspecified 650Mhz Processor which is ideal for Seamless Multitasking, the dual-SIM Superfone sports a 7.9 cm multi-touch capacitive touch screen , a two-megapixel shooter – which is below the industry standrd, Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities and about 4 Hour Talk time with 10 Hour Standby Time.

The 12th Largest Phone Manufacturer,Micromax claims this phone at the cost of Rs.4,999/- and is in budget smartphone range. We’re certain that at this price, you would certainly not complain much.

  • Rayner Vaz

    5k for an Android phone? I mean, those are pretty skinny specs and we know that Apple had to primarily upgrade their powerhorse just to make SIRI a pleasant experience. Does Micromax expect to sell its forte with a 650MHz CPU? Might not be the greatest idea.

    • prajyotm

      Yes,They have various models in Super phone series which vary from 5k-12,999/-. I wonder what they want to actually prove with this. Gingerbread with this smartie was not needed at all. When they have Funbook with ICS, they could have ported it to this smartphone upgrading the hardware specs too to support ICS and probably slight increase in Price too. Moreover, the tablet seems to be better deal instead. 

  • Manoj Shaw

    Just want to know what is the architecture of A50 ninja is it Cortex8, Qualqomm or ARM11??
    Cortex is better to ARM11 but the best is Qualqomm but its a expensive chip to add on a phone which cost just Rs. 5K..
    Please reply if anybody knows in my  email iD manoj_shaw20@rediffmail:disqus 

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