Motorola may launch New Moto 360 sooner than expected

As the advancement in technologies our watches are not only watches instead they have become smartwatches. A smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch that will only be used for timekeeping but also many other features. User can perform many of the mobile operations like picking up call or rejecting a call music playback etc. With the modernization a smart watch may have the feature such as camera, compass, chronograph, GPS Navigation etc. Smartwatches may be helpful in monitoring your activities of the body. Rumors of a new Moto 360 floating around for a while now, but the restructured smartwatch may be within reach. Motorola has made its new gadget passing through Bluetooth certification this week appears to be the assumed wearable device.


There is a fight of smartwatches in the market with Samsung revealed Gear S and Gear 2. Also Apple revealing its smart watch and many other companies. Motorola has entered the smart watch market with Moto 360 in September 2014. Now Motorola is planning to update its Moto 360. This new gadget has not got any name yet, but according to a leak there is a model number which is Motorola’s BTMW03 looks as if it’s a clear successor to the original Moto 360, which has its model number BTMW01. It will be an Android-powered device with Bluetooth capabilities. The specs are yet to be revealed by the Motorola. The original Moto 360 is based on the circular design supporting a 1.56in viewing diameter and capacitive touch display. It has 320 x 290 pixel display is sharp enough for the notifications. The time and the notification can be easily read in the sunlight also. The original Moto 360 comprises of TI OMAP 3 processor. Also it has 512MB Ram incorporated with 4GB of local storage and a 320mAh battery. It also meet the IP67 standard which reflects that it is resistant against water and dust. Motorola has incorporated a heart rate monitor and it is accurate enough. The New Moto 360 will definitely be more powerful than its earlier version. It will also have the changeable dials and the belts.

Droid life shows that the first-generation Moto 360 didn’t have Bluetooth certification until August 2014, just before it got an official launch. That suggests the updated smartwatch could be announced in the very near future. Maybe even at Google I/O later this month, Motorola won’t be waiting a full year to unveil the device. Original Moto 360 works on Android Lollipop Software. It is expected that the New Moto 360 will also run on the latest android platform.

We are expecting that the new Moto 360 will come in more sizes and color options. It could sport larger lugs at the top and bottom of the watch face, making it easy to swap in different bands. Finally, it looks like Motorola may get rid of that small black strip along the bottom of the display. Hopefully we hear more during Google I/O 2015.


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