Nexus 5 ‘accidentally’ appears on the Google Play Store

With the anticipation at it’s peak, and the leaks at their maximum, the Nexus 5 seems to have received the biggest leak yet. It can be called the mother of all leaks, for it comes from the mother ship itself:-  Google.

The Nexus 5, a few hours ago, appeared on the Google Play Store, under the devices tab. It was listen for sale at $349, for the 16 GB version, along with the second generation Nexus 7, and the Nexus 10. However, it couldn’t be bought, so seems like the listing went up by mistake. The Nexus 5′s tagline said, “Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways. Starting at $349.”


The listing also provided a crystal clear picture of the Nexus 5. One noticeable thing was that the Hangouts app seems to have taken the place of the messaging app on the bottom dock of the home screen.

This leak is perhaps as close as the phone gets to an official release. However, it was immediately patched by Google, and the listing disappeared. All we have to do now in spend another week in anticipation of the phone that is going to shake the smartphone arena up pretty good. Hopefully there won’t be any ‘Out of stock’ issues with this one.

Earlier today, we has also posted about TELUS branded Nexus 5 smartphone. Take a look at the post here.

Source | Image Source : Engadget

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