Rumour: LG could be launching budget friendly android smartphones K530 and K535

LG is looking to release new additions to its K-Series of budget android smartphones namely K530 and K535. Both of these smartphones were benchmarked on GeekBench(1)(2) few days ago.

As per the specifications, K530 is powered by Google’s very latest Android v6.0.1 version and Snapdragon 430 from Qualcomm coupled with 2GB of RAM. The phone also has Adreno 505 GPU onboard which is expected to provide average graphic performance. On the other hand, K535 comes with similar processor as that in K530, expect that it has 3GB of RAM. This phone is also expected to run on Android v6.0.1. But that extra GB of RAM actually doesn’t help K535 to score better score in the benchmark test.


However, no release dates of these two phones have been leaked. We’ll keep you posted as and when we have more news.

Prajyot Mainkar

Mr. Prajyot Mainkar is the Editor-in-Chief of Androcid. He himself, is an Android Developer by profession; based in Goa.