Google IO 2013

Top 6 Announcements at Google IO 2013

If you has taken a day off during Google IO 2013, you are bound to receive potful updates from Google IO. Right from Social Media activities to Blogging, each one had anxiety attack on Google’s each update during IO 2013. A three hour keynote presentation by Google with plenty of announcements and no effective way to read it all. So after plenty of research, we brings upon Top 6 Announcement from Io 2013 conference :

Android Development  Made Easy 

The company announced a new IDE that’s built with the needs of Android developers in mind. It’s called Android Studio, it’s free, and it’s available now for you to try as an early access preview.

Android Studio Preview at IO 2013 ( Source - Techcrunch )

Android Studio Preview at IO 2013 ( Source – Techcrunch )

To develop Android Studio, Google Incorporated with JetBrains, creators of one of the most advanced Java IDEs available today. In case you wish to check out the Android Studio Demo, click here. Not just on the IDE front but Google announced a whole group of new features to enhance the Android development process. Some of the noted features include , a translation tool to localize your apps, Beta Testing Staged Roll-outs, and more.

Google Play and Services - Bigger, Better and Smarter

Google has revamped its Play Store to help users discover the content they seek with ease. They have announced feature to highlights apps specifically for tablets.Music on Google has also been given a new lease on life with All Access.  Story doesn’t just end here.



Google is starting a games services on its Play Store that allows developers to add achievements, social and public leader boards  cloud saving, and real-time multi-player which is going to gear up gamer from around the world. Google also released Google Play For Education - A version of the Play store that is aimed and curated for young kids.

Google Search – Talk to me

No company really competes with Google regards to the search dominance and this dominant search platform is the cash engine that funds its side projects of Google.

Google Talk To Me

Google Talk To Me ( Source : CNN )

Google is adding voice-activated search to its Chrome browser, allowing people in audible distance of a computer’s microphone to start a search by saying, “OK Google,” out loud  followed by their terms. Google also is rolling out a few more Google Now cards, including ones that provide updates on music and movies with reminder services to Google Now.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android

Google announced it will be offering a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Google Play with stock Android. This combination of leading specs and the most advanced Android software will ensure updates to it’s users from time to time.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android

Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android ( Source : verge )

The device runs on both T-Mobile and AT&T’s LTE networks and comes with 16GB of storage. The handset will go on sale, directly from Google, for $649 this 26th June 2013.

Google+ Hangout App 

Google has revealed a new dedicated Hangout app. Hangouts, the cross-platform video-chat service embedded in Google+ and Gmail.

Google+ hangout

Google+ hangout

You could communicate with people via text, photo-sharing and live video too.

Google + Updates – They Won’t Give Up

You may have any thought about Google+ compared to Facebook or you may feel it doesn’t stand a chance against Facebook, but the bottom line is, the team behind Google+ is working continuously to tinker with its social media platform, and its latest efforts are noteworthy.
Google Plus

Google Plus Updates ( Source : Digital Trends )

Tons of features surrounding photography, a brand new column layout and great innovation to communication does make people to adhere to Google+. Google also announced a whopping 41 new features to Google+ and also revealed that there are currently 190 million active Google+ users.

Google Maps gets more personalized

Google is adding a personalized, crowd-sourced sensibility to Maps. Among the new features are : Google Earth Integration, Google’s Street View and special projects including its space and underwater imaging.
Google Maps View

Google Maps View

Google also unveiled three new location APIs for developers that help to track location with under 1% of battery use.

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