Top ten techniques for Google Play store optimization

App store optimization or ASO Is the term we use for improving search results and ratings for our app. Many developers use techniques for optimizing search results, but in case you’ve been living under a rock; you should know that there is a whole other world for marketing your app on the play store, and getting it recognized through and through. So let’s give you what you came for and list down useful tips and techniques that will optimize your app’s search results on the google Play store, (or any other search engine for that matter).

Know your downloaders:

When first planning on pinning your app on the play store; you need to know your target people who are the potential downloaders for your app. Study what they want, what they don’t have, and what they’re looking forward to. This will ensure high traffic to your app page and will guarantee at least 3 out 5 downloads on the store.

Does your app have what it takes?

Pay attention to what the customers want. Before even having the app developed; study and have an overall consensus if you want; to make sure that the app you’re planning to develop will actually make the users happy, and will carry functions users look forward to.

Keywords and SEO

The most important of all techniques is using the right keywords. If you know what keywords are most used, you can optimize your app results by using the most-used keywords. So make some searches and do your homework on Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, so you app pops up on the top of the page.


What most people use to optimize search results is refer to the links on their websites or blogs. If your website or blog is popular, then you can use the traffic to real in some players to your app and get people to visit and download. But it is noteworthy that your app is somehow relate to the blog or visitors will find it useless.

Promotion via social media

Social media is a brick medium for promotion these days. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, they can all be used to advertise your app (on a limited scale), to relevant potential downloaders and reel in healthy traffic to your app page. Upload, tweet, advertise the link so people can know about your app.

Promotion via friends and family

The most easy and fast way to get traffic rolling in is to first notify your close ones about your app. Tell them, share, explain, they will visit your app and share it with their friends and family as well. Think of this as a viral tree. The branches will grow strong and long, you just need to sow the app seed.


Although this isn’t something that you have control over, but it greatly affects your image on the play store. Search results will show the top rated apps, with appreciative reviews, so the least you could do is produce a good app and encourage viewers to rate the app in the description.

Deals with companies

A very expensive but beneficial way to get traffic for your app is to strike deals up with phone/tab companies. Getting our apps pre-installed on devices will get people to use the app and check it out for themselves, plus they can’t be deleted unless the device is rooted.

Keep Updating

The problem with most developers is that they don’t update the product. Keep updating the app so people don’t get bred and uninstall it from their devices. Keep moving forward and keep up with the needs of the users to get even more traffic.

Be patient

Getting traffic for your app takes great amount of time and energy (as mentioned above), and most importantly; it needs your patience. Keep patient and calm so you take rational decisions for the app and get as much traffic as you can.

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