Xiaomi becomes the number one smartphone seller in China

Xiaomi, known as the Apple of China, and recently enjoying its new-found fame and glory in the Indian market, has achieved yet another milestone. It has overtaken Samsung, to become China’s best selling smartphone manufacturer, in Q2 2014. Xiaomi sold total of 15 million smartphones in China in Q2, which is a three-fold increase from a year ago.

Samsung had been firm on this position, for more than two years, beating even the local OEMs like Huawei and Lenovo, to it. From April to June, Samsung’s China smartphone sales saw a decrease from 15.5 million a year before, to 13.2 million units. Xiaomi might not have a presence in the US and Europe, yet, but China isn’t a bad place for it to begin with. Not to forget the fact that Xiaomi has already bagged a spot in the top five smartphone makers worldwide. It achieved this feat by beating none other than LG.


Samsung has also sunk down a bit, in the market, reporting its lowest quarterly profit in two years, for Q2 2014. Even though Samsung cites a variety of reasons for this, we feel it is because of their really not so much exciting low end smartphones, a segment of market Samsung fails at, and where the hottest competition is, right now.

Xiaomi has also recently unveiled the MI3 in India for Rs. 13,999, a rock solid price. The company has a good strategy, so unless it does some horrible mistake down the line, it is going nowhere but up.


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